REVO tips & tricks

Below I list some tips & tricks concerning easy modifications and tuning of a stock REVO.


Cut a BIG hole in the windshield for better breathing of the engine as well as improved cooling. Just glue or tape a fine mesh from the inside so dirt and dust cannot enter easily.

Stick rubber or felt stickers on the body from the inside where it touches (or may touch due to vibration or an impact) parts of the chassis to prevent damaging the color layer.


Most wheels have pre-drilled ventilation holes. Just (before assembling/glueing) glue a small piece of fine mesh around the ventilation holes. This prevents dirt from entering the wheel and thus damaging the foam. Also water cannot enter that easily if you use a filter mesh.


EZ-Start (if applying)
Shield the EZ-Start Motor wires. They directly touch the crankcase which becomes quite hot. In addition the glow-plug-wire should be reenforced with shrink tubing. It’s not necessary to always clamp the wire underneath the cylinderhead-protector (this is most likely the main cause for torn glow-plug-wires).


More responsive steering can be achieved by toeing the front wheels a little out (1°) and the rear wheels a little in (also about 1°).


Always loosen the carburetor when checking for a full opening of the slide-valve so the optimum angle of the carburetor can be automatically adjusted. Tighten the screw when there is no more binding and the slide opens and closes easily.

Add brake pad springs. Just cut some ballpoint-pen spring and put them between the brakepads. Helps sticking and reduces brake pad wear.


Boots are the best investment here. Not only looks cool but does a perfect job in protecting the shock from dirt and grime thus helping maintaining perfect performance.



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