Castle Creations Setup Sheet

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There. From now on following adjustments on my car I will post my actual Mamba Monster Setup values. For you and for me, not to forget 🙂

Throttle Curve: 2.0,0.130,98.256,255
Reverse/Brake Curve: 2.0,0.130,98.256,255
Hex55: 85
Arming Time: 1s
Throttle Dead Band: Average (0.0875 ms)
Start Power: Medium
BEC Voltage Dummy: 176
Sensorless Motor Timing: 10
Max Reverse Power: 25
Max Forward Power: 100
Reverse Type: With Reverse (*)
Brake Amount: 45
Drag Brake: 0
Punch Control: 10%
Motor Direction: Normal (*)
Power-On Warning Beep: Beep Enabled (*)
Full Reverse: 2139
Neutral: 3020
Full Forward: 3901
Cutoff Voltage: Auto Li-Po (*)
Auto-Lipo Volts/Cell: 3.4 Volts/Cell
Torque Control Value: 0
Torque Control Motor Constant: 537
Motor Type: Brushless (*)



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I recently discovered hundreds of cool pictures taken throughout various sessions with my Revo 3.3 (of the last four years). Picture of the week post series justified, I guess!

Thar she blows!

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Finally! I bought a pressure tank. Good bye expensive one-way air-pressure cans! With 1.5 horsepower this should be sufficient to unwind screws just by hitting them with the air-flow… and get the cars undusted pretty pretty pretty good!

It came together!

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BLING! Just some pics, I did every update i planned to, except I skipped booting the springs and balooning the steering-servo, and well … stickers! Oh, wait – rear chassis brace is still missing, maybe later this month. And maybe I will finish the various custom grinding areas (e.g. underside of chassis at the steering area) in pico-bello superfine.

* For the waterproofing of Castle Creations Mamba Monster ESC I used black PlastiDip. Applied layer by layer with a brush – works perfectly!

* Bye bye wheel wobble – HPP hexes are a blessing although they need one more spacer on the axle than what is supplied.

* HPP motor-brace – no comment – just brilliant.

* Spektrum power! The standard 2.4 GHz Traxxas Link System is not bad. Not bad at all. But my Spektrum DX3R is just so much better!

* Oils! get your oils checked!

– Front diff: 70 K
– Rear diff: 50 K

– Front shocks: 50 wt. (650 cst.)
– Rear shocks: 70 wt. (900 cst.)

* Constant velocity center driveshaft – steel glory!

* Summit spec axles all around – extra beefy!

* Aluminium pushrods and toelinks all around

* HiTec single steering servo with PL single steering aluminium servo arm

1st r-E-Build!

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I tore apart my E-Revo BLE for the first time yesterday! Not so much to do (compared to the nitro version). It took around one full hour to disassemble everything except the shocks. After that roughly three hours to clean every part (first the plastic ones then all the hardware). Let’s see how fast it can be re-assembled!

But first for some coming up hopping up:

waterproofing of Mamba (PlastiDip)
new body (PL Slipstream)
new final HPP hexes (had the prototypes before)
HPP motor brace V2
rear chassis brace
CV center D
summit axles
Spektrum 2.4GHz 3R
single servo steering
PL single servo steering arm
new tires (lots of them, see here)

Stay tuned (I will)!

HPP hexes are here (final version)

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Behold – HPP hexes in their (final) anodized glory:

New old Road Rage

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Talking about recycling! I shed a good 200g off each tire by changing the old beadlock rims to ProLine 5 Tech wheels. The rubber is still kicking so stay tuned for some nice asphalt action!