Castle Creations Setup Sheet

There. From now on following adjustments on my car I will post my actual Mamba Monster Setup values. For you and for me, not to forget 🙂

Throttle Curve: 2.0,0.130,98.256,255
Reverse/Brake Curve: 2.0,0.130,98.256,255
Hex55: 85
Arming Time: 1s
Throttle Dead Band: Average (0.0875 ms)
Start Power: Medium
BEC Voltage Dummy: 176
Sensorless Motor Timing: 10
Max Reverse Power: 25
Max Forward Power: 100
Reverse Type: With Reverse (*)
Brake Amount: 45
Drag Brake: 0
Punch Control: 10%
Motor Direction: Normal (*)
Power-On Warning Beep: Beep Enabled (*)
Full Reverse: 2139
Neutral: 3020
Full Forward: 3901
Cutoff Voltage: Auto Li-Po (*)
Auto-Lipo Volts/Cell: 3.4 Volts/Cell
Torque Control Value: 0
Torque Control Motor Constant: 537
Motor Type: Brushless (*)


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