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JUMP-O-RAMA 3 around the corner…

Posted in (E-)REV-O-RANGE, Pictures on 28/05/2009 by oxoxoxo

Well… it has been a while since my last video (let alone the G.L.A.S.S. clip). Hopefully this will change very soon as my quest for the optimal video editing software has almost come to an end. Honestly – don’t touch HD with 60fps unless you got a MONSTER computer – it’s eating up all your memory and processing power – 15Mbps have to be put through somehow… The main problem with editing is simply that I cannot watch what I am editing not even in half resolution thus making it impossible to cut and edit properly. With some tricks and pre-editing of the raw clips I should finally be able to put together new videos – meanwhile it’s a whopping 80GB chunk of raw material which is waiting to be processed.

Here are some pics to bridge the gap 🙂


I have no glue!

Posted in (E-)REV-O-RANGE, Pictures on 23/05/2009 by oxoxoxo

Sometimes only still frames can tell what you do to your vehicle… first row shows the last seconds of an HPI phaltline tire, second row what happens when going full speed into a half-full beer can (or two)…

GIF it to me!

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New video! G.L.A.S.S.

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First short glimpse of 60fps glory and slow-mo. Blinggggg!