Power Duo – end of servo trouble?

Last week I almost lost my car. Run-away at full speed facing a concrete wall. Luckily the steering still worked (throttle/brake servo just died) and I could avoid the final impact by less than 10 inches. After a big turn at full speed (phaltlines, no flip over) I had to stop a running Revo at almost full speed with my foot, which actually worked with no major injuries wheresoever.

Now I am changing both servos to coreless digital ultra torque and ultra speed from HiTec (with HighResponse). Hopefully this powerduo will last and be reliable at 5.5ms!



3 Responses to “Power Duo – end of servo trouble?”

  1. Bastelfelisch Says:

    sweet ^^

  2. seth Says:

    man i had the same things happen to me!! i was using futaba s3003 tho. it was all i had to run around for a few days, and all of a sudden it took off full throttle right at me, which was great!! i managed to get a foot out and it only twisted a drive shaft from sitting on its back at full speed! but that was better than the first time… i was at the bottom of the levy of the ms river and its went full throttle up the levy and sailed over the other side…. luckily it landed and bounced on its back….it was only about 15 ft from the rivers edge!!! i myself have gone with this servo and think you should add a FAIL SAFE as part of your ‘must haves’ after all its people like us that learn the hard way! 🙂

  3. Fail-Safe is a must have – you are right. I have one that does a pretty (thus quick) job in my SR3100 (SPEKTRUM Receiver). Only thing is: no FS will work on a toast servo…

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