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R.I.P. TRX 3.3!

Posted in (E-)REV-O-RANGE, Pictures on 27/02/2009 by oxoxoxo

Went out today for the first test of my new Version 3.0 REV-O-RANGE (with heavily modded TRX 3.3).

Long story short: I will break in an new engine on Sunday…


I experienced the same problem some people had when porting & polishing (p&p) their sleeves/crankshafts: stalling at idle and no possible way to get the idle up high enough for the engine to keep running… (although engine performs quite exceptional at half throttle and above)

Well after all it has been an old engine which was due to be replaced soon! Hail Traxxas ERP!


100th Post!

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New Video! S.N.O.W. 2

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S.N.O.W. 2 – what could I say more? Some of the finest drifts on ice ever!

And I almost killed the camerman 🙂

New Video! S.N.O.W.

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Some fun minutes running in snow.


New Video! Drift Action

Posted in (E-)REV-O-RANGE, Videos on 24/02/2009 by oxoxoxo

New video but old Revo (Version 2.0) 🙂

Finally a video that seems to never end 😉

Drifting away!!!

Ready to go.

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Some nice shots of my newly rebuilt Revo. Response Pro tires and my old but sturdy CP 2.0 body.

7th stage of rebuild: electronics, advanced waterproofing and: it’s done

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Servos plasti-dipped and – just to be sure – heavy duty black rubber balloons. One balloon for the receiver pack, receiver itself condomized.

Voila, REV-O-RANGE Version 3.0:

Stay tuned for the first new videos to arrive – and the answer to the question whether my modded TRX 3.3 will run or not!