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Bits and pieces

Posted in (E-)REV-O-RANGE, Pictures on 29/01/2009 by oxoxoxo

When it’s time it’s time… for the next complete rebuild!

This time it’s serious – I’m getting all aluminium parts anodized in the same style and colour. Not quite sure though if it will be flat black or bright orange. Depends on how the sample will turn out.

Stay tuned for more as I will keep you thoroughly updated on this rebuild!


New Video! That’s very ice!

Posted in (E-)REV-O-RANGE, Pictures, Videos on 26/01/2009 by oxoxoxo

Shortest video ever! Lost a brake pad and ripped the rear left tire…


Drilled my stinger

Posted in (E-)REV-O-RANGE on 26/01/2009 by oxoxoxo

Yesterday I noticed that my exhaust coupler had been slightly ripped. While replacing it I thought of an old forum thread where it said that you could enhance performance (mainly top end) by drilling up the stinger of the exhaust a bit. So I did, no pictures though – looking forward to giving it a try this week.

Let it snow!

Posted in (E-)REV-O-RANGE, Pictures on 18/01/2009 by oxoxoxo

Went for a short run in the snow yesterday – results can be seen below…

Due to my perfect waterproof setup there have been no problems whatsoever. I have to admit though that even the Revo is without a chance in 10cm of pulverous snow…

New … Header!

Posted in (E-)REV-O-RANGE on 12/01/2009 by oxoxoxo

Not for the pipe, though 🙂

^^^^^ Look up! ^^^^^

New Video! The Fall of Red

Posted in (E-)REV-O-RANGE, Videos on 01/01/2009 by oxoxoxo

The last 5 minutes of an engine’s life, TRX 3.3 that is.

Needless to say, it’s not me driving nor my Revo being driven 🙂

The Fall of Red