There is the water-proof:

If you have followed my last posts you might know I have been lucky fooling around in quite wet conditions with a non-waterproof Revo. Well… when I took it out for the next drive the throttle servo started to behave quite erratic at once… somehow the water just had to get in there didn’t it?

After literally toasting my analog HiTec HS-985 last week when I thought the last drop had to be dried away (temperature at the servo-casing around 100°C!) after some quite wet time of driving I decided to go one step further with water-proofing (honestly: I completely disassembled both servos and did a full maintenance on them but for my throttle servo it has been just too much…).

Of course I had to buy a new throttle servo first – I decided for the attractively priced HiTec HS-6985, digital.

First thing after getting my hands on the new throttle/brake servo was to plasti-dip it thoroughly (did my steering servo as well). Also I did all the minor water-proofing tasks like putting in a silicon cover for the switch, silicon O-rings for the servo-horns and antenna crimp nut and put the receiver and the receiver battery pack both in extra strong condoms. Finally some ugly tape-work, just to be sure (hm… heard that before…).

Oh, I did forget to mention my shiny black-chrome PE bumpers! And the heaven-sent Robitronic heavy-duty servo horn which finally makes my one-servo-steering-setup perfect (I just had to modify the servo-guard a little)! And I finally drilled a hole into the right side of the body to reach the power switch with the body on, pure luxury.

Well… it’s 100% water-resistant now and I’d guess 99,99% water-proof. Actually I’m pretty sure it is because yesterdays (water) testing even would have made a new E-Maxx or E-Revo proud (sorry no video – it was just too wet for the camera).



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