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Muddy waters…

Posted in (E-)REV-O-RANGE, Pictures on 23/11/2008 by oxoxoxo

pict0011-mittel1 pict0012-mittel1 pict0013-mittel1

pict0014-mittel pict0015-mittel1

Just muddy pictures – stay tuned for new videos soon to arrive!


Mud and water… game over

Posted in (E-)REV-O-RANGE, Pictures on 18/11/2008 by oxoxoxo

Went to a big field today. Seemed not so wet… I learned quickly that my job waterproofing the electronics has just not be done good enough…

pict0002-mittel pict0003-mittel1 pict0004-mittel1

pict0005-mittel pict0006-mittel

… honestly, I did NOT really do anything towards it 🙂

I am glad my receiver is OK, servos are water resistant anyway but I have to do something about the cabling and Rx! The car suddenly did not react anymore, good thing it was idling right before me…

Will be back soon with pictures of a 100% waterproof REV-O-RANGE.


Posted in (E-)REV-O-RANGE, Pictures on 16/11/2008 by oxoxoxo

Put my new pre-filter to the test with some nice puddles. Water repellant that is!

pict0003-mittel pict0004-mittel pict0007-mittel

now it’s wet! Or is it? 🙂

pict0008-mittel pict0009-mittel pict0010-mittel

pict0011-mittel pict0012-mittel pict0013-mittel

New shoes (and a fat scorpion on the hood!) and the before-mentioned details.

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up and running

Posted in (E-)REV-O-RANGE on 06/11/2008 by oxoxoxo

3232X received and mounted.

Blown bearing in rear differential carrier replaced.

Front differential rebuilt.

New throttle servo mount.

New receiver box.

New fuel tank.

Sway bars.

Well, and now the weather’s like A$$ 🙂