Last week I somehow felt it would be a good idea to try some very high-speed runs on a rather new small road at a friend’s house. All in all the “course” was about 150 meters long. In the middle of the course I had to go into drifting to get the right hand corner to the second 75 meters or so. Well – already in second gear at full speed my Rev-o-range slipped and went off to the outer side of the road just perfectly timed to hit a steel lantern at full speed with its right front. Well……….. A-Arms, broken; pushrod, broken; toe-link, bent; pivot-balls, popped; driveshaft, adieu; Not too much carnage though.

After that I decided to do a complete rebuild – after all I had various sessions in the infamous Sandy Dunes and some really really REALLY hard bashing’ action the weeks before, so the car was quite challenged so far. I found out that almost all of the various parts were really badly scarred but nevertheless nothing was really so worn that I could not use it again. I decided to put some of the tuning parts I had in stock into the newly rebuilt Rev-o-range. I am still waiting for the new driveshafts, so that’s what it looks just like now:

Stay tuned for more pics of the progress and of course the final build REV-O-RANGE 2.0! 🙂


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