Broken header

Well… I broke my first header today. I think it has been broken for a longer time though. I did indeed experience some fuel flow and tuning issues the last session which now seem obvious due to a possible leaking situation well before yesterday…

Thing is that the hot exhausts of the engine (I kept running for a minute or so with the broken header before I noticed) melted the EZ-Start plastic housing away a good deal. I’m yet to disassemble it and check if its innings have suffered as well.

Also ripped my glow plug wire – I used the first of the new Traxxas 3232X glow plugs (they had a minor design update concerning the tip of the plug where the glow plug wire connects) and after running I were not able to pull off the wire without distorting and thus damaging the wire… talk about a firm fit!

Stay tuned for a new video – featuring Mantis in air.

The rest of the action has been recorded in 160 by 120 pixels by fault thus is not really watchable 😦


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