Snow… again.

It’s snowing all week. I guess next bash/race will be delayed until at least the mid of March. I did water-proof my servos and all parts afraid of water. Then again with temperatures around 0° Celsius driving is not being really nice to the engine. So I guess I will just wait for my new rollcage to arrive, mount it, make some adjustments on the car, think about what to do with my engine-mount (one of the four threads is gone, I managed to actually pull out the thread with the screw) and maybe install the new MotorSaver air-filter.

New body should be arriving soon as well, ProLine CrowdPleazer 2.0 this time (the one body with an included rollcage, at least considering the protection of the cooling head).


I think about painting it just black and white (so it doesn’t draw attention away from anything ORANGE :)).

Also next video is sure to be filmed at a new location – with lots of jumps and action as usual! And! Of course the first one in which the original REV-O-RANGE is to appear, stay tuned.


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