Minor (yet effective) modifications

Something I should have done directly after buying the Revo: drill new pinholes on the rear body mount.
That way I will never lose a pin again!

pin_holes-klein.jpg pin_holes2-klein.jpg

another thing which definitely should come out of the box:
tank cap mod – I removed the molded stoppers which restrict a full opening of the tank cap:

tankcapmod01-klein.jpg tankcapmod02-klein.jpg

I always hesitated to cut a hole in the windshield of the body but finally I got onto it.
Added a fine (ORANGE!!!) mesh to prevent sand, dust and everything else from entering directly while driving.


And finally some pics which show my truck with increased riding height and altered caster angle.

1-klein.jpg 2-klein.jpg

3-klein.jpg 4-klein.jpg


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