OptiDrive and Reverse mishaps

Read lots of articles and forum posts that the OptiDrive System screws up with the reverse gearing by sometimes forcing the micro servo to shift into reverse while going forward (even and mostly at full speed!!!). Sure thing for me to ditch the OptiDrive since now I got a failsafe in my new SR3000 receiver. Farewell reverse, I liked you. But at the rate you and your brother OptiDrive keep destroying my gears (and therefore often reducing my time on the track to as low as one tank!) there is no chance for you to stay in place.


Update: Traxxas themselves state that the OptiDrive Module does not work with the SPEKTRUM DX3.0, so that’s it, no heart feelings, this battery draining two timing bugger is going to go! Maybe at first I keep my reverse gear (had one spare with only two teeth lost) but as soon I get my FOC Kit my REVO will only go in the one direction that counts: towards the finish line!



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