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The RoadRage tires. The wheels that use 144 screws.
The truck that rules them all.
And the body that gave this blog the name.

Behold – the REV-O-RANGE:


Still all 144 screws are not tightened, new A-arms not installed and the old scratched bumpers are still on the vehicle as well as the stock air-filter. Just wanted to give you a first impression of how ORANGE it really is – also seen in the new banner.


Shiny. Blinky. Gummy. 144 screws :)

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Stock tire/wheel combo: 260g
ProLine Combo: 400g…

pict0002-klein.jpg pict0003-klein.jpg

pict0004-klein.jpg pict0005-klein.jpg



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No more to say. Just look.


RPM Arms
ProLine 40 Series Commando BeadLock Wheels and RoadRage tires
Integy Aluminium Throttle arm with ball bearings
GTR titanium-nitrid coated shocks
MotorSaver Airfilter
FOC (!!!)
and some spare parts…

Big fucking grin.

The right shoes for the right truck. Mission REV-O-RANGE almost accomplished.

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Still missing some parts for my REV-O-RANGE (which should arrive this week!):

Commando Beadlocks from ProLine 40 Series (144 screws in total, aluminium rings)…

proc2682.jpg 268001_1.jpg 268001_3.jpg

268001_4.jpg 268001_5.jpg 268001_7.jpg

RoadRage tires from ProLine 40 Series…


and the respective hubs (23mm).

proc6034.jpg pro603400.jpg

… are all soon to come! Stay tuned for the first pics of these mega-rims mounted onto the mega-truck REV-O-RANGE.

Minor (yet effective) modifications

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Something I should have done directly after buying the Revo: drill new pinholes on the rear body mount.
That way I will never lose a pin again!

pin_holes-klein.jpg pin_holes2-klein.jpg

another thing which definitely should come out of the box:
tank cap mod – I removed the molded stoppers which restrict a full opening of the tank cap:

tankcapmod01-klein.jpg tankcapmod02-klein.jpg

I always hesitated to cut a hole in the windshield of the body but finally I got onto it.
Added a fine (ORANGE!!!) mesh to prevent sand, dust and everything else from entering directly while driving.


And finally some pics which show my truck with increased riding height and altered caster angle.

1-klein.jpg 2-klein.jpg

3-klein.jpg 4-klein.jpg

short as short can be

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I really did not think I would be able to totally hide the antenna underneath the body. Seems I have been proven wrong:

antenna01-klein.jpg antenna02-klein.jpg

That’s how the antenna protrudes the body:

antenna03-klein.jpg antenna04-klein.jpg





…and finally some pictures to contribute to my continuous obsession with scratched parts:

scratch01-klein.jpg scratch02-klein.jpg scratch03-klein.jpg

scratch04-klein.jpg scratch05-klein.jpg

No antenna!

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… at least not a visible one. Finished exchanging Traxxas TQ3 (which by the way served me VERY WELL) with the new SPEKTRUM DX3.0. I left the old servos for the time being – will swap them at the next evolution phase with the new HiTec ones. For now my antenna has (almost) gone, none is visible with the body on. Failsafe is programmed, I even installed the switching servo to the new system. No sensor though I guess I have to keep an eye on when I’m actually trying to go into reverse gear…

Will try out everything this friday. Stay tuned.