Replacement parts…

After having successfully re-entered RC (after a mere 17 years) there are many factors of the hobby I did not realize way back then. May it be that I’m thinking in kind a sustainable dimension now may it be my actual financial situation which differs slightly from a young boy’s one.

some of the spare parts I did accumulate so far:

bumpers, skids and gears:

bumperskid-klein.jpg gears-klein.jpg

small parts of all kind and spare foam elements and rubber coupler for the exhaust:

smallparts-klein.jpg foamrubber-klein.jpg

chassis brace (I managed to bend my original one – bent it back myself but it feels good to have an original part lying around somewhere…)


super-strong rollcage, custom-made


RD Logics A-Arms (silver, alu) – not sure about this (they were just darn cheap!)


and my spare TRX 3.3 (just in case and as a second safety to the Traxxas LT ERP):



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