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Replacement parts…

Posted in (E-)REV-O-RANGE, Pictures on 24/01/2008 by oxoxoxo

After having successfully re-entered RC (after a mere 17 years) there are many factors of the hobby I did not realize way back then. May it be that I’m thinking in kind a sustainable dimension now may it be my actual financial situation which differs slightly from a young boy’s one.

some of the spare parts I did accumulate so far:

bumpers, skids and gears:

bumperskid-klein.jpg gears-klein.jpg

small parts of all kind and spare foam elements and rubber coupler for the exhaust:

smallparts-klein.jpg foamrubber-klein.jpg

chassis brace (I managed to bend my original one – bent it back myself but it feels good to have an original part lying around somewhere…)


super-strong rollcage, custom-made


RD Logics A-Arms (silver, alu) – not sure about this (they were just darn cheap!)


and my spare TRX 3.3 (just in case and as a second safety to the Traxxas LT ERP):



Small details of rebuild

Posted in (E-)REV-O-RANGE, Pictures on 23/01/2008 by oxoxoxo

I added brakepadsprings…

brake01-klein.jpg brake02-klein.jpg brake03-klein.jpg

waterproofed the servos…

servo01-klein.jpg servo00-klein.jpg

heat shielded the EZ-Start motor wires…


reenforced the glow plug wire…


added a rubber for the on/off switch (actually I used the tip of a condom)…


installed a fuel filter with a rubber coating against vibrations…


placed dust covers for servo box…


and finally used some ugly tape-work, just to be sure!


Revo 3.3 “Mummy”

Posted in (E-)REV-O-RANGE, Pictures on 16/01/2008 by oxoxoxo

Took my old body and taped it all over with white duck-tape. It did not just render my old worn body usable again but contributes to a rather interesting new look, you be the judge.

pict0007-klein.jpg pict0009-klein.jpg pict0011-klein.jpg pict0012-klein.jpg


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I painted my new body in two different shades of orange one of which is reflective (only visible in very high brightness conditions).

Complete Rebuild

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My first complete rebuild is finished! I added a single-chamber tuned pipe (Resonator), high performance disc brake rotor, water-proofed the servos and of course mounted new wheels and tires.


Posted in (E-)REV-O-RANGE, Pictures on 16/01/2008 by oxoxoxo


This time the other way around.

Going full speed in 2nd gear my friend managed to capture the jump over my Revo 3.3 with a rather simple camera.

Jumps nearing the 10m mark

Posted in (E-)REV-O-RANGE, Pictures on 16/01/2008 by oxoxoxo

With more and more practice my jumps get better and better.
Stay tuned for the first HDTV 720p@60fps video clip available soon (or at least some fudgy YouTube video *g*).